Now, that's not quite true, Google+ hasn't killed me. But it has killed my involvement in this blog, however. Since I've joined Google+, I have found it that much easier to only post there. Part of the reason is how easy it is to post there, but it's almost as easy here. More important is the fact that there I don't feel like I have to write a long post, a couple of lines are enough. So, while I've posted quite a few images to my Google+ stream, I haven't written anything for this blog in ages :(

What should I do? Is it enough for you to read me on Google+? Or should I keep on writing posts here as well?

In the meantime, you can see the images I've posted there on my Google+ albums and follow my (short ;) writings there in my Google+ stream.

I've even set a short url to get to my Google+ profile: