I often hear people say that to learn a foreign language, you need to immerse into the culture, to live in the country. The idea is that you would need to be somewhere where people speak the language to learn it. Well, my personal experience kinda contradicts this popular wisdom as my English was good long before I ever left France. But I do think there is some truth to it. However, I believe it's not so much about being with people who speak the language as it is about actively using the language. You see, my English is what it is because I started reading books and articles in English soon after I started learning the language. Then came movies and finally occasions to chat in English, mostly on the web. I could also tell you about this friend who's greatly improved his understanding of spoken English by watching TV series.

Why the sudden rambling about this? Because I've just watched a presentation by a guy who may have invented a great way to get people to learn a language by practice. As I understand it, it's limited to reading and writing but that would already be a lot more than not knowing the language at all. So, if you'd like to know about this potentially great idea, here is the presentation: Duolingo