Those of you who know me, know I often prepare a lunchbox in a more-or-less Japanese style. Seems like you wonder what exactly I put in my bento box, so I've decided to try and document that a bit.

This first bento post will be a very simple and quickly put together one. I'll try and make better ones if there's any interest.

So, this is was tomorrow's lunch (I usually fill the box in the evening because I don't want to get up earlier to do it in the morning) looks like for me: 20100727.jpg

In the upper container is some rice with carrot leaves on the left and grated carrots and courgettes on the right. The lower container is filled with potato patties, sautée'd bell peppers, mushrooms and onions and finally a few cherry tomatoes (which should give you an idea of how big the box is, i.e. not very big).

That's it for today. Next time I'll give you a bit more info. Possibly some better pictures too.