Having been a member of the Free Software "world" for over ten years, I was very much aware of the possibility for people scattered all over the world to work together on a project. The Net being the great communication tool it is, a lot can be achieved by people who have never met in person. This works really well for software, which often doesn't require that people work together on something at the same time but it works in other fields too. I've heard of several such examples in the movie world, with amateurs making amazingly good productions, each working on a small piece of the project from the comfort of his or her own home. One could cite two shorts made using Blender, the 3d software package: Elephant's Dream and Big Buck Bunny. Or Star Wars: Revelations, a fan film whose special effects were made by artists from different countries. I had also heard of musicians working on a song, each recording his or her part separately in different locations (again, possibly even in different countries), the tracks being later mixed together to get a completed piece of music.

But this is the first time I've heard of choral music made this way. And the result ain't bad either. Sure, the Internet is not going to replace "real world" interactions and I'd much rather listen to a real choir performing live than this. But this sounds (bad pun intended) like a successful experiment to me. What do you think?