While in the first part of the set the shrine is not crowded, the second part shows it in the first few days of January, when people come to pray for a good year.


When I came the first time, in the end of December, they were preparing for New Year festivities.


When I came back a few days later, there were crowds queuing to buy engimono (different sorts of talisman-like objects) and ema (wooden tablets on which one writes a wish).

dsc_9246.thumb.jpg dsc_8801.thumb.jpg dsc_8806.thumb.jpg

This first week of January is one of the best times to see young women in kimono. Though I do think it's a shame their boyfriend will often not make any effort in how they dress.


Next time... Well, I'm not sure which will come next: either more of Japan or the model photoshoot I was hinting to a couple of days ago.