I've finally added a copyright notice (check out the footer), thereby making everything here available under the very liberal cc-by-sa (Attribution-Share Alike) license. It basically means you can do more or less whatever you like with the content here, as long as you mention my name (that's the "by"/"Attribution" part) and don't restrict others in their use of what you've made using my work (the "sa"/"Share Alike" part).

So, for example, you could create a composite picture using one (or several) of my photographs and a photograph of your own but if you distribute the result, it has to be under a license that will let others use it in a similar way.

Do note however that while it would be perfectly legal for you to use my photographs in a commercial work without asking for my permission first, you would probably need a signed model release to use any of my "people" shots. Do your homework before you get into trouble.

Oh and one last point: if you require higher resolution versions (and you probably do if you'd like to print them), I can provide them. But we'll have to talk about the licensing details for those.

Any question?

Edit: It goes without saying that while you're not required to inform me if you use my work, I would appreciate if you did.